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Ingestible Cannabis Dosing for Chronic Pain Relief in Medical Marijuana Patients – A Patient Survey

By Amanda Labbe, PharmD We as pharmacists at The Healing Corner in Bristol, Connecticut have collected data from our patients to give more insight on the possible therapeutic benefits of marijuana, particularly pain relief. Information was received through surveys completed by our medical marijuana patients. Such information includes dosing, onset of action, duration of action,…

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Report of Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Registration Certificate

How to report a lost or stolen medical ID card in CT

Please Note: A qualifying patient or primary caregiver must report their lost, stolen or damaged registration certificate no more than five (5) business days after becoming aware that the registration certificate was lost, stolen or destroyed. Patient/Caregiver Registration Replacement Instructions Note: The $35 replacement fee is waived for the COVID-19 MMP expedited registration replacement process Please…

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What’s Next? (after submitting documents for your medical marijuana card)

Getting a medical marijuana card in ct

After uploading all of your documents and submitting your payment to the state, the processing time for your medical marijuana card is about 30 days. The first thing you will receive once processed is a temporary certificate to your email. About three weeks after receiving that temporary certificate you will receive your permanent card in…

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