Jen Hemphill

I suffer from PTSD due to domestic gun violence and it’s something that flares up and makes me scared to be in public…always in a state of flight or fight. Well…that’s pretty hard to deal with when you are a singer by trade. I can’t not be in public. My livelihood depends on it.

Indica pills have finally helped my insomnia and the vape pens have helped me in situations where I can’t smoke. I finally feel liberated and no longer have to be secretive about using marijuana to control my triggers. In the past I tried anti anxiety meds and they made things worse and the panic attacks more often. Now I can just use an indica vape and feel relaxed and able to function without fear. The Healing Corner has definitely helped me gain back some control over my PTSD.

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  • maize75 Posted August 11, 2017 2:36 pm

    It is nice to read someone else’s story, using cannabis for C-PTSD has helped me as well. Thanks

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