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The objective of this study will be to quantify the doses and modes of the cannabis administration and to explore the associations between cannabis products and patient phenotypes. The CPA and the CCIC plan to systematically collect long-term data on the safety and efficacy of herbal cannabis used for medical purposes and compare data collected in the United States with data collected internationally.

The CPA and the CCIC expect that the results and data gleaned from the study will be used to inform policy-makers and regulatory agencies about safety aspects of medical cannabis; clinicians will be better informed about best practice guidelines and safety issues, and the medical cannabis producers will receive beneficial information about the efficacy of their products in real world situations. The dispensaries, who are an integral piece to both the data collection and dispensing activities, will have a comprehensive and data-driven approach when educating patients about their medical use of cannabis.

The Healing Corner expects to provide data for this study for as long as the research is ongoing. All data provided will be secure, and patient-identifying information will be removed to protect privacy.