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Why Should You Keep Your Medical Card?

We strongly advise that all Medical Marijuana Patients keep their certifications active as it will take at least 6 months+ before retail sales of adult use cannabis will take place in Connecticut. Medical Marijuana Patients will have many advantages when recreational sales start. Access to higher potency products, reduced wait times, no tax, reduced prices, grow rights, and access to advice from a dispensary pharmacist. We will update our community as recreational sales approach!

What Do I Do If My Medical Marijuana Card Is Lost Or Stolen?

Please fill out the lost or stolen card form and submit it to the Medical Marijuana Program: http://www.ct.gov/dcp/lib/dcp/drug_control/mmp/pdf/reportlostcard.pdf

What Forms Of Payment Can I Use At The Healing Corner?

The Healing Corner accepts Debit Cards with a PIN number or Cash for all purchases. Currently, we are unable to accept credit cards.

Can I Go To More Than One Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facility?

Yes, a patient may choose to goto whichever medical marijuana dispensary to purchase their medicine.

How Does Marijuana Work?

Marijuana is the term used for the buds of either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. The psychoactive ingredient of marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which acts on cannabinoid receptors in your brain. The interaction of these receptors and neurotransmitters is what leads to the medicinal effects of marijuana in the brain.

Where Am I Allowed To Use My Medical Marijuana?

Connecticut Law allows for the use of your medical marijuana in your home, away from anyone under the age of 18.
Connecticut law prohibits the use of medical marijuana:

  • in a bus, school bus or any moving vehicle
  • in the workplace
  • on any school grounds or any public or private school, dormitory, college or university property
  • in any public place
  • in the presence of anyone under the age of 18

Medical marijuana is also prohibited if it endangers the health or well-being of another person, other than the patient or primary caregiver.

Can I Lose My Job For Using Medical Marijuana? Can An Empolyer Decide Not To Hire Me for Using Medical Marijuana?

No, but employers may prohibit the use of intoxicating substances during work hours, or discipline employees for being intoxicated while at work.

Can My Landlord Refuse To Rent To Me Or Take Action Against Me Solely Because I Am Qualified To Use Medical Marijuana?

No, the law prohibits this.

Can A School Refuse To Enroll Me Solely Because I Am Qualified To Use Medical Marijuana?

No, the law prohibits this.

How Often Do I Have To Renew My Medical Marijuana Registration Card?

Your registration card will need to be renewed on a yearly basis, after being re-certified by your physician. We recommend making the appointment with your physician 30 days prior to your cards expiration date.