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Shelby Korb’s Story

One of the greatest things I have done for myself was taking a chance and seeing a doctor about getting a medical card. Having both physical and mental health problems, cannabis has helped me a tremendous amount. I have both fibromyalgia and ehlers danlos, and am able to alleviate some if not all of my daily pain (on a good day pain) thanks to the products I purchase from THC.

I am diagnosed with complex PTSD, borderline personality disorder, clinical depression, and anxiety. Things that were once challenging, if not impossible for me to do, like going out in public or even leaving bed, are a lot easier for me. I am able to come down from a manic episode, or bring myself up from a depressive episode, and maintain a stable and positive attitude. I am able to experience life in a way I don’t think would be possible without this kind of medicine, and am so thankful it is available.

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