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What’s Next? (after submitting documents for your medical marijuana card)

After uploading all of your documents and submitting your payment to the state, the processing time for your medical marijuana card is about 30 days. The first thing you will receive once processed is a temporary certificate to your email. About three weeks after receiving that temporary certificate you will receive your permanent card in the mail.

Once receiving your temporary card you can: Print it out. OR

  1. Forward it to hope@thehealingcorner.com for us to print for you *BEFORE* coming. 

We MUST have your temporary card printed out, along with an active photo ID, in order to let you into the dispensary facility!

Then You Must

  1. Call 860-583-4325 to set up an initial consult with a pharmacist.
  2. Call ahead to let us know you’ll be coming down so we can confirm that we’ve received your forwarded temporary certificate. 
  3. Bring your printed copy of the temporary certificate and your state I.D with you to the dispensary.

Your First Visit…

For your first visit we will have you fill out initial paperwork. This paperwork can be done ahead of time by printing it from our website. You may also fill out your initial paperwork in the dispensary facility.  For your initial appointment, the dispensary pharmacist will discuss with you your therapy goals and past experience level to help determine what may work best for your symptoms. The pharmacist will also go over with you the current selection of medications available and answer any questions you may have.  Note: Patients must schedule an appointment with the pharmacist for their first visit. Every new or transferring patient is required to have an Initial Consult scheduled with a pharmacist for their first visit and purchase at The Healing Corner.   

Welcome to The Healing Corner!  We are glad you are here!